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Club Mission

TTR's mission is to educate its members and the general public in the principles of safety in the use of ATV’s and snowmobiles. To act as a liaison between ATV/Snowmobile clubs and the State agencies who are assisting or promoting the sport of ATV and Snowmobile riding. To encourage the use of ATV’s and Snowmobiles and the establishment of trails in a manner that will result in a minimum effect on the environment. To promote, among all ATV riders and Snowmobilers, a greater respect for the rights of property owners and other sport enthusiasts. To encourage among its members an appreciation for the natural and scenic areas of our State and the need for their protection. To coordinate the efforts of its members in matters relating to the use and ownership of ATV’s/Snowmobiles and to encourage the passing of legislation in the best interest of both riders and landowners.
2019 Officers
President -
Dan Parlin (207) 751-8651
Email: [email protected]

Vice President -
Dale Rowe (207)  751-3467

Treasurer -
Tim Moody (207) 729-1428

Secretary -
Marcia Bickford (207) 353-6315

Trailmaster -
Charlie Parkinson (207) 319-5142

Assistant Trailmaster -
Tim Doyle (207) 837-0225

Assistant Trailmaster -
James Belanger(Winter ) 

Board of Directors
William Brigham  
(207) 721-9813    

Randy Bickford 
(207) 576-6194

Ron Dumont
(207) 751-3230

Timothy Doyle 
(207) 837-0225

Rocky League 

Student Representative
Jacob Belanger

The  Board of Directors meet on the 3rd Monday
 of each month at 6:30 PM at the Topsham Fair Grounds

Topsham Trailriders By-Laws

2019 Annual Report